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The task of the starseeds

Starseeds are soul parts that originate from another planet. They vibrate in the frequency of the respective planet.

So it is not surprising that many of them, including wise and enlightened souls. They bring a new consciousness to the Earth. All of them feel the intense urge to live out their destiny - even if they have not yet discovered it. They all carry the desire to make the world a better place.

So it is not surprising that some of them turn to drugs, because they cannot cope in this world, which is so different and strange from their true origin. Too harsh, too rough, too contradictory, so far from the one truth, their truthfulness.

So it is the task of the star children to unfold, to live their potential and to express themselves. When they have found themselves and have strengthened and made conscious their true home, the connection to their own source, they can live their immeasurably great potential and bring it into the world.

Thus they are an enrichment and a great gift for the earth and its inhabitants.

Among them are peacemakers, researchers, technicians, lovers, creative souls who bring the light back to the world.

If you feel addressed now and are affected by the fact that you have not yet found your task, let's find out together. I can show you the way back to your star and activate the connection to your source again.

Don't forget who you are & hold your light high,

your Padma

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