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The transience. The eternity. Star knowledge for you.

Know that the stars are a reflection of yourself. A part of your soul is connected to the starlight. Find out and discover which star rules over you, watches over your life and holds its protective hand over you.

Depending on your guiding star, your personality is formed. Individually, it seeks its expression. New forms, new life. If your life is currently in transformation and form completion, you are called to consciously connect with your inner power and to strengthen your planetary power in you.

In a personal conversation we can find out together what quality is emerging in you and what is required of you right now.

Every single planet can support you if you are willing to accept this power, sometimes to release and liberate it.

We are all in constant connection with everything. So the planets work through the energetic fields also in our personal field. The moon shows it to us very clearly: it is responsible for ebb and flow. The sun's rays are also necessary for growth. So these planetary forces enter the magnetic field of the earth, which in turn influences our bioresonance field. Thus, the energetic exchange is also given with all other planets that affect the earth and thus also interact with each individual, each individual here.

It can be all the more important and helpful to know which force is predominant, what to pay attention to and how to deal with our forces.

Find out more in a personal consultation

Which star child you are, which is your guiding star and which planetary force challenges and supports you the most, you will find out in a personal consultation. Write me for this:

Looking forward to seeing you!

In the meantime: Remember who you truly are, hold the light.

Om tat sat,


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