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All you need to know about Starseeds

Explore the universe with me and learn more about the spirit of the planets in our star system and new galaxies.

Have you ever heard about the term "Starseed"? Starseeds are souls who origins from the stars. If you're interested in reading this article, you are maybe one of them.

“Everything you see has a spirit. The whole world and also the universe consists of consciousness and spirit.”

So it is hardly surprising that we also find other forms of consciousness in the planets. Each planet has a collective consciousness that is located in the 9th dimensional level. Thus also individual forms of consciousness originate from this level, which co-incarnate in human form here on earth. Thus, a part of the human consciousness is connected to this dimension.

The Mission of the Star Children

Not all human children carry these parts of consciousness within themselves. If you are fascinated by the sky of lights at night, if you have always felt different and do not really fit into the human world of existence, it is quite possible that there is a star-child in you and that your true home is in this or another galaxy.

Your striving to "come home", although you have already made yourself at home here on earth and settled down, is also an indication that your soul is looking for the connection to its spiritual origin.

You can connect energetically-meditatively with your source. You will find more about this soon here on the blog, or write me for a personal consultation to find out where your true home is.

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