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The Rising Star

The Ascendant is the sign of the zodiac that rises in the East at the time of your birth, hence the term "the rising star".

The Ascendant is an important significator in any horoscope. It represents our "make-up" and shows how we go through life. While the Sun sign shows our innermost core of being, the Ascendant gives clues about how we go through the world and meet other people. In earlier times, even the ascendant was mentioned when one was asked under which star one was born. Since the Sun sign applies to all people born in the same season, the Ascendant sign is much more individual and personal. It gives clues also about our appearance, our stature. It shows with which strategy we go through life.

It is often said that one develops the ascendant later in life. This can be, but does not have to be. Because: the qualities of the Ascendant are qualities that we already carry within us, while we should fully develop the qualities of the Sun sign. So it can be that one lives more the sun sign in younger years and only later in life can make room and space to devote oneself to the qualities of one's ascendant - which is not a bad thing, since these are always accessible to us if we devote ourselves to them. So in life, as always, the focus is on living out the natal Sun. Nevertheless, the Ascendant shows us many hidden qualities. It expresses what we like to surround ourselves with. It shows the framework, the basic structure for our life, our being, in which the sun quality may show itself and grow healthily.

Because: You don't show your innermost being to everyone you meet, do you? So it is not surprising that especially in the choice of a partner you have to recognize only at the second glance that you might not harmonize so well after all. This is then usually the time when you get to know the Sun quality of your dear Ascendant.

As always, it should be mentioned in conclusion that it can be very individual how strongly the ascendant sign affects the person born, because all planets shape you.

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