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Stars & planets introductory course - what to expect?

Self-empowerment. Come into your power. Everything there. Everything in you. So let's go on a journey together and discover what's inside YOU.

The stars tell you. Every single planet is a piece of a puzzle, together with all other planets the cosmic power unites, so the planets with their constellations form their own force field, an energy field that reveals how you vibrate, what you attract, what you reject, yes what you secretly strive for.

So let's dive into your matrix, which is called radix in astrology.

Your birth chart reveals to you all the qualities that make up your being, that express your soul quality - that want to be lived and experienced by you.

If you want to experience yourself anew, yes, discover what all is in you, take a look at your radix with me!

If you want to deepen your star knowledge, I invite you to discover with me every month a new planet in our solar system, yes to feel its power clearly and to strengthen with you personally, to integrate to be able to use its power in the best possible way for you.

Dare to take this first step on the way to mastering your planetary power.

Use the power of the stars for yourself, consciously, in order to no longer be controlled by forces that lie outside, beyond your sphere of influence.

So create now the basis to live self-determined.

Use the power of your stars wisely for yourself.

Discover your star world anew and sign up for the star knowledge compact, every month new via

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