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Saturn's demand for clarity

On March 7 the time has finally come and the strict ruler Saturn - the guardian of time - changes from Aquarius into the sign of Pisces. So benevolent he then shows himself to us mainly in personal matters.

Saturn asks us in the coming year to deal with ourselves. The mental pressure that has built up for many in recent years now reaches its peak. When the soul suffers, this creates unnecessary pressure that bursts forth in 2023. Therefore, this is a good time to practice soul hygiene and take action. Do something for yourself, find your balance. Keyword: "Selfcare" & self-care, which is already on everyone's lips in recent years. Don't be afraid to seek professional help either. In other countries, it has long been good manners to share your thoughts with a psychologist and not burden your family and friends with them.

2023 is a new year of self-knowledge for many people. Because mankind is called to finally awaken. Awakened to lead a new life. So this requires the clarity and the strength to face his personal concerns and to face the challenges. Saturn the powerful planet, the guardian of the threshold, which lets us enter the "kingdom of heaven" only after a thorough examination, now provides for turmoil and turmoil in the coming year. The test is to finally recognize where we are standing in our own way. The task once recognized, it is an easy one to transform this, yes to transform itself.

Know there is a global upheaval happening, a rethinking on many levels. Many issues that were important in the past are losing importance. Turning to oneself, recognizing one's own greatness, as well as striving for truthfulness - all these are topics that want to be lived liberated in 2023. A blowing up of the borders sometimes is necessary. So this process of other planetary forces such as Pluto, Uranus and also Jupiter, which is in Aries sign in 2023 and thus surrenders to Mars rule, will contribute so much to humanity freeing itself, from all the restrictions.

But as always, this change can first take place in the inner space before it shows itself on the outside. So we all do well to make peace: Peace with what has been. The past is long gone, what is needed is an attitude of peace in the here and now. On this a new future can be built, indeed a new foundation can be laid. So this is the beginning of something great.

And every individual, every single person is a part of it.

You can read more about Saturn and the factor time here soon.

More about the planets Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter will follow.

Please note that these are collective movements and influences. How this planetary force shows up for you individually, we can find out together in a personal consultation.

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