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Saturn, ruler of time

Saturn holds many different qualities. He is known in our latitudes mainly as a strict ruler and "guardian of the threshold", who demands and wants to challenge us on all levels. This only to shape and grind us from a lump of coal to a diamond. For this it needs this friction, which gives the spice to our life by its influences.

Less known is Saturn's quality as a guardian over time, also called Kal Bhairava in the Yogic-Indian context. Thus, he has earned our utmost respect, for one of our most precious commodities here on earth is indeed time.

All of our life time is inexorably slipping through our fingers. Where should we start, what should we do? How do we best use our time here on earth, in this life?

In short, Saturn is a powerful ruler and guide over our entire being, extends its quality. Its energetic effects on our lives here can assume such enormous proportions that we are completely subject to it. Yet astrology is precisely about recognizing where we are stuck, so that we can no longer be prisoners or captives of ourselves. For as severe as Saturn's influences may be in individual cases, the greater the potential for growth that results from them.

So it is now a matter of recognizing on a very individual level what Saturn demands of us and how we can best manage our time. How do we use our precious commodity? Where do we waste time? Where does all our energy go? What drives us?

All of these are good introductory questions to work constructively with Saturn's quality. If you are willing to face this demand and work on yourself, to recognize and above all to go new ways, you have the chance to master the task Saturn has given you. This thus enables you to ascend to a new plateau, a new level can be reached. Breathe a sigh of relief. Then Saturn opens a whole new world for you. The question you can ask yourself: Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Are you ready to ask yourself even unpleasant questions, to face your greatest fears? Then invite him: Kal Bhairava, the keeper of time. He can be a true blessing for you.

How Saturn's power makes itself felt in you personally and how you can cultivate a constructive approach to this quality is written in your star chart. Curious? Then we need your exact birth time, including date, time and place.

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