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Pluto shows us wealth and financial freedom

If Pluto becomes effective in the horoscope, fear and worry is written in the face of most people, because Pluto is known as the worst offender. He brings great acts of violence and terror into the world to unfold all its power - if necessary.

But it is exactly this power issue that can be integrated out profitably and promisingly in a favorable position to Venus or Jupiter. In these cases Pluto supports us to develop ourselves, to enlarge our sphere of influence and to finally take the position in life we deserve.

Because: YES, it is your birthright to be happy, content AND financially independent, even free.

So Pluto in a positve aspect with Venus shows its benevolent side and showers us with recognition and rewards us for all the efforts. Then your work shows itself in full bloom. You are recognized, appreciated and get the just reward. Yes, much more. You are shown that you are able to direct your power in constructive ways.

But don't let Pluto block you. Then you probably have to struggle with many power issues yourself and are possibly defenceless against the goodwill of others. What can help then is to recognize where you are cutting yourself off from your power potential and not allowing yourself to express yourself. Where are the areas where you make yourself small, put others on a pedestal and prefer to bend out of fear of failure?

What is Pluto's assignment for you?

The lesson that Pluto then teaches you is this: As long as you are not ready to stand up for yourself and shout "no", you will experience time after time how you are undermined, your self-worth attacked, and above all your reward for your efforts not balanced.

That's how long you'll fight. On the outside you will fight against superiors, maybe even against people who basically mean well with you, only because you want to show off everywhere, but either overshoot the target and then "saw yourself off", or you make yourself look so small that you cannot be seen.

So the task is to redeem the Pluto force. Depending on what aspects Pluto enters in your natal chart, a solution to this will be found. If you are curious and want to know how Pluto is in your chart and how you can integrate and balance this planetary energy for you, write me and arrange a consultation with me.

Remember who you are and live your light,


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