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Winter Solstice, 21.12.2022

The last days of the year...

...they have an incredibly great power. Your alignment, your conscious dealing with yourself, with the things and issues that still want to be cleared, enable you to enter a new field of force. You become magnetic. You become attractive for the new, for what you desire. So you do well to connect now with what you want to nourish, what you want to have more of. So that you can free yourself from the old ballast. The liberation is coming. The liberation, it is already there. Your alignment, what is important and necessary. Then you liberated into the new year.

A new year. New possibilities. New chances. New demands that time, indeed life itself, will make of us all. But are we able to meet these demands if we deal with ourselves, deal with what is right, what is true to create new clarity.

As always, it is up to you.

War or peace.

Happiness or suffering.

Choose the light.

It is the only one that is eternal.

Om tat sat,

Padma Chàndravàni

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