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What happens after death

The question of eternity, indeed of transience. A topic that has occupied mankind since time immemorial. But what does the human journey look like from the perspective of the spiritual world?

The journey continues. There is no end in the sense that you cease to exist. But a vacuum is created. An airless space in which you enter when you are about to leave your human body, to glide out. You do not pass away. Rather, there is a growing up into your truthfulness, an awakening from the dream in which you find yourself in your human dress.

Everything you think you are, all the identifications, they cease. That which remains, the experience, your potential. But in the end it is you who can recognize where you got lost, where you made mistakes, and where you made the right decisions. So it is exactly these decisions, your scope of experience, that opens up a new space for you. Which now reveals itself to you.

You are able to choose your life anew as soon as you leave this human being. You pass over into a new field of consciousness. But not everyone is able to experience this transition effortlessly. It is a clinging to existence itself that is mistakenly based on the idea that this life that is being experienced, indeed lived through, is solely real. At the same time this is a dream. Thus the soul, the essence, of your self awakens as soon as it is about to pass over into the new world - the Otherworld, as it is so aptly called by you humans. For yes our world is truly different, it is so multi-layered, in its spectrum of experience. So there is not only light in our dimension, also the entrance after the human life into a shadow existence is possible. This has always been called hell.

But this does not correspond to the one reality. It is rather that the soul, which moves on to the next level, is so much entangled, indeed trapped in a space of emotion, enveloped in darkness, depression and other states of consciousness, which keep the human soul small, indeed imprisoned in these lower vibrational frequencies bring the part that passes on to the spiritual plane to this very lower form of existence. Thus the soul, the spirit-being incarnates again, yes, is literally attracted by the human being.

The pull that binds it to the life here on earth is so great. This soul has then again the choice, a new possibility is given to transform this negative experience, to escape the darkness.

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