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Weekly Horoscope - December 19-25, 2022

The moon reaches the scorpio sign on Monday, which brings us deeper understandings and downloads from the unconsciousness. We can reach a higher level of sensitivity and are searching for deeper levels of communications with others.

The Sun square Jupiter shows us, where we want to fligh high. Unfortunately, after this influence is gone, we could recognise how much we've lost in these days. So better you check your bank account, before spending too much money.

“Sun changes to capricorn on 22nd December. Happy Birthday! Now is the time for reflection. Get your work done and clean your space.”

Mercury Neptune Sextil, wants us to connect to our creativity! Use your intuition, while talking to others. Your senses are highly pronounced. So hurry up and show others your great ideas.

Merry Christmas!

The 24th December shows up as its best. Good communication, you are being loved and you want to share your preciousness with friends and family. Remain grateful and don't overestimate others' need to be right. Pluto influences and thrives the deepest desires of your beloved ones.

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