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The change of times

You already are the light.

The new era that everyone is talking about is the beginning of a new world order. The change of time, which has been apparent for several years, is now becoming clearly visible. The change of time begins with the increasing willingness of people to focus on their divine consciousness. The inner alignment creates the frequency field on the outside. Thus, world events are a reflection of what is in the minds of people. Like a footprint on a small scale, the quality of time shows itself with war, famine and acts of violence on the outside.

The top priority now is peace. This peace must be found in each individual. The absolute negation of everything that does not correspond to the one reality leads you on the way there. You are able to choose your thoughts, to sound them out. Which thoughts do you pursue day after day? Which thought do you let into your vibrational field and let it resound in your system? It is up to you consciously and mindfully to probe out all that is able to pull down your high frequency and then maneuver you in your entirety into a low vibrational field.

Of course, you can always realign yourself and rise to vibrate high, but this is a feat of strength each time. The energy you need for this, you can, if you decide in advance only for high vibrational thoughts, use to create a new field for you to manifest new experiences. Happiness and love are always just a thought away from you. Remember this the next time you are striving for change and transformation.

To live a happy and fulfilled life, all it takes is your conscious choice. No punishment will keep you down, in the end it is you alone who chooses for yourself. You will find the strength for this within you. Your heart knows the way and gives you the courage to make your own choice and to go your own individual way. Do not despair. Choose a happy thought, feel the contentment that flows through you in this moment and spread it in your inner space.

You are guided and protected on all your paths. Breathe deeply and know that everything you desire is already on its way to you.

You already are the light.

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