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I am the light of peace

I am the great light of peace. 🕯 Through me you enter a new field.

You long for redemption, for liberation?

The breakthrough comes through me.

But know it is not that you have to let everything go.

Rather, you are asked to look, to turn to your life.

To see the all-that-is, to accept it.

In this way a whole new field is created. Because through your conscious acceptance and looking, you are able to fill everything that is with my light.

Peace returns, through you.

Because you are the light of peace.

By filling everything.

Your blessing flows to all that is.

You are the light.

Heal - free - live.

The light penetrates.

It returns to this world, through you.

I am the light.

I penetrate you.

I penetrate everything that is.

Free me. Live me.

I am all that is.

In this moment you can detach yourself from everything, you can liberate everything.

In this one moment you can cause everything to reach its original state.

I am the light. 🕯

I am the light. I am the all that is. I am all that is. I am. What remains in the end is the one light. The one frequency that connects everything, that unites everything in it. Thus I dissolve into non-existence and dwell in pure being. The end of everything that is, is at the same time the origin. The new beginning. At the same time. Two worlds. Side by side, flowing into each other. You don't understand because you believe that everything exists side by side, but we tell you. Everything is now. In this moment. Passing away. Becoming. Now. Thus your existence conditions the dissolving of your self.

Blessed Christmas to you 🕯🕯🕯

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