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Chàndravàni - what does that mean?

Hello everyone, my name is Padma Chàndravàni. I convey the knowledge of the stars and bring you messages from the spiritual world, the planets and the stars.

I am often asked if this is my "real" name, which I always answer with a resounding yes. Because this is my spiritual name - the expression of my soul, which supports me on my path of life, on the path of my destiny, with my Dharma, my life task.

The word has an incredibly great power and creates its own vibrational field. Through the alignment to the highest level, to our origin, a so-called soul or spiritual name, supports the personal growth, the personal task and strengthens the individual-energetic field. So my soul name also supports me in my work and my work here for you.

Especially Chàndravàni contains all the qualities that may flow through me to you. Chàndra translated from Sanskrit means the moon. The moon itself stands for intuition, the feminine power, the receptive-creative-feminine principle. Vàni is a creative quality that can be translated as "messenger" or "messengeress." Thus, Chàndravàni translates as the moon messenger or messenger of the moon.

Energetically, the moon has a great influence on everything we do. Above all, it connects us with our receptive feminine side and strengthens our intuition. In addition, the moon opens for us on a mental-spiritual level the access to the astrological knowledge about stars and planets.

The name does not come by chance. Every soul name is the highest individualized expression of the source itself. So all this flows into my work for you: My clairvoyance and clairsentience, as well as my connection to the spiritual world.

In a personal channeling, I make myself available as a channel through which spiritual energy flows through me to you and reaches you through words and energy streams. It is an expression of the Source itself to remind you of who you truly are. Such a spiritual counseling serves you to realign and tune into your own power. It reminds you of your ability to create all that you truly desire. A stream of consciousness that carries and supports you and can bring you "home" again.

May you realize who you truly are.

You yourself are the light,

do not forget that.

Om tat sat.

Om shanti,

your Padma

PS: What else there is to know about me, you can read soon also here ;)

Until then, keep your light high & write me for your personal appointment:

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