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the 13 Moons of 2023

Meet me at full- or newmoon on Zoom to gather together and embrace your moon-powers within.

Next newmoon-gathering: 13.11.2023, 8.15 pm

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Every month...

Learn how to sync with the moon and how to use the quality of time and the power of the moon. We connect every month to another aspect of Lilith.

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What to expect?

Every month we connect with the moon-goddess and embrace our sensitivity. In guided meditations we learn how to speak with the moon inside of us and how to get accurate answers.

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Moon Messages for you

You connect to the source inside yourself and receive messages. You get  into the energy-field of your source.

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Course fee: 55 Euro per meeting

Recordings available

Information & Registration: padma@chandravani,com

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